Non-Destructive Test

CETEST offers services for various Geophysical Tests like Seismic Refraction, Cross Hole, Down Hole, ERT, Dipole–Dipole Sounding, Ground Utility, Vertical Electrical Sounding, Underground Water Survey, Pile Integrity Test, Dynamic Test and various Non-Destructive Tests etc.

Low Strain Non-Destructive Integrity Tests on R. C. D. Bored Piles installed for proposed G+11 Residential Building

Project Location Premises No. 24-097(BA-43), New Town, Kolkata
Name & Address of Client Premier Piles Limited, East India Zone, AD-31, Ground Floor, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 0647
Start Date 20th February, 2012
Completion And 23rd February, 2012
Project Brief 60 Nos. Low Strain Non-Destructive Sonic Integrity Test on R.C.C. Bored Piles of 500mm dia and 27.25 m length from cutoff level.