Human Resources

CETEST has a strong and dedicated team of more than 225 highly qualified people. This includes the core Management Team and Associates, Engineers in the field of Civil, Structural, Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, Pilling, Highway Engineering, Bridge Design, Geology, Survey Engineering, Environmental, Social, Economics, Traffic Surveying from reputed Institutes with membership of various Bodies like Indian Institute of Engineers, Indian Road Congress, Institute of Geotechnical Engineers, Institute of Structural and Bridge Engineers.

We provide highest level of professional service with high degree of accuracy. Our professionals are updated with latest technological developments in various facets of Civil Engineering with particular reference to Highways, Bridges, Geotechnical fields, Engineering Survey and work on prestigious projects which attunes them to deliver high level of service quality.

Equipments & Machineries

We use advanced and calibrated equipments for Field & Laboratory works. Some of the Major equipments.
We use for Geotechnical Field Investigations & laboratory testing are:

Boring Rig 10
Drilling Rig 30
CHT Equipment 2
Pressure Meter 2
SRT Equipment 2
VST Equipment 2
SCPT-10 Tone Capacity 2
SCPT-20 Tone Capacity 2
SCPT-30 Tone Capacity 2
DCPT Equipments 8
BVT Equipment 2
ERT Machine 4
PLT & CPLT Equipment 7
Tri-axial Apparatus 03
Odometer 17
Tri-axial Equipment 01
Direct Shear Apparatus 02
Cone Penetrometer 02
Swelling Pressure Machine 02


We use the latest and licensed software for our all engineering design & management systems. Some of the technical software packages are given below.