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Bridge Engineering

Design of Bridges forms an important part of our services. Our exclusiveness lies in the fact that we have in house capabilities of carrying out all the services related to bridge design such as Soil Investigation, Survey, Design of Super Structures, Foundation Engineering etc.

We offer services for
  • Detailed Topographical and Hydrological Survey
  • Detailed Hydraulic Analysis including Estimation of Flood Discharge, Fixing of Bridge Length and Ascertaining Span Arrangement
  • Detailed Geotechnical Investigations
  • Analysis of all load types including Dead, Superimposed Dead, Moving, Seismic, Wind, Water Current, etc.
  • Analysis and design of all types of superstructure including RCC Slab, RCC T-Beam, PSC, Composite etc. (specialization in composite integral bridges)
  • Analysis and Design of all types of substructure and foundation (open/pile/well)
  • Testing of Construction Materials including fixing of quarries
  • Estimation of Quantities and Costs
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications
  • Assistance in Bidding Process